A Destination Wedding

you'll never forget

This trip isn't just any trip - it's a trip you're taking for one of the most important days of your life, with the most important people in your life. The service we provide to your guests is a direct reflection on you for choosing us, so we know you're depending on us to put our best foot forward!
You have enough to do without worrying about everyone's travel plans, so let us keep you organized and be your go-to for making sure your friends and family know exactly what to do to join you for this special occasion. It's time to get excited!

How We Can Help

Start with the perfect spot

Since 99% of resort photos look gorgeous, the task of choosing the one that is ideal for your event and your guests can seem daunting. We'll steer you in the right direction if you're on the fence about your location, or help confirm that the place you already have in mind will be a good fit. 

We'll ask questions like, "Where are most of your guests traveling from?" and "What type of venue do you have in mind for your ceremony and reception?" 

Reserve your date

We'll help you get in touch with the appropriate resort staff and answer any questions you may have about paperwork, deposits, and next steps.  If your excitement has already led you to reserving your date with a resort, great! You're ahead of the game!

Assess your group & Reserve rooms

If the thought of figuring out what type of rooms your guests are going to want seems like a headache, don't stress. Based on a few key points about what your guests might value, we can make sure your room block represents your group well, and then we'll manage any changes that need to be made along the way. Once the rooms are reserved, we'll be the liaison between your guests and the resort so that you or another member of your wedding party doesn't have to take on this responsibility. 

Share the details on your website

Many people have gotten used to making travel reservations online, so we still want to give guests that option.  We'll publish a one-page website for your group that highlights the details of your event and includes dates and deadlines, photos of the rooms, passport info, and a form for them to quickly and easily register for their stay. When you send Save The Dates, include this link so that guests know to come to us with any questions they have instead of you.

Use us as a planning resource

If you're having your ceremony and reception on-site, you'll have access to the resort's wedding coordinator, who will help you square away the event details.  In case you need help communicating with them, or need help understanding the process, we're here as an additional resource. 

Ready to Get Started?

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